Self-Preservation: The Vibrational Guide (Softcover) + 30-Day Workbook [BUNDLE]


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Health is indeed, Wealth. Ultimately, everything we need can be found within. When we were born into this realm, we were gifted everything that needed to thrive and fulfill our purpose. Due to disconnection from our natural ways, it is vital to reconnect to nature and utilize the tools that surround and dwell within us. If you are looking to optimize your overall well-being, raise your vibration, and create healthy longevity, this is the book for you. After reading this book, you’ll wonder why they never taught us this stuff. Let this be standard for generations going forward. Welcome to a journey of transformation in the form of preserving one’s vitality and essence to become aligned with the highest version of one’s self.

The (w)holistic workbook is designed to complement “Self-Preservation Self-Elevation: The Vibrational Guide” with a 30-day implementation plan with several of the concepts found within the book.  After going through the 30-day program, expect to be transformed and renewed in mind, body, and soul.

[BUNDLE includes SPSE Book and SPSE Workbook]


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