How are you affecting your body with what you consume daily?

Food is fuel for the body. Scientists say that 70% of your Serotonin is made in your gut, meaning that the activity going on in your gut will affect your mood, i.e. your focus, anxiety, and depression. Think of your body as a car; you are the soul/spirit that drives the vehicle. It’s in your hands how you drive, maintain, and build your vehicle. Your body, being a car in this instance, has a computer system (the brain) that operates the vehicle and needs upgrades just like an actual car would.

Expanding our minds to see what those upgrades can be is endless. For any luxury or exotic car owner, you know they are going to take great care of their car. They are going to put the best fuel in that vehicle so that it runs at maximum efficiency, which in this case is our food and what we consume. Well, you are that luxury or exotic vehicle, so if you put junk food and trash into it, how do you think your body is going to respond? Of course, you are going to have ‘the itis’ and develop different diseases in the body.

It is essential that you eat whole foods, primarily consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables if you want to help truly heal your body and feel your best on a daily basis. Another analogy I like to give is about vibration and how it relates to life; now think of meat, whether it be chicken, fish, beef, pork, etc? the fact is, the meat you consume is that of a dead animal, meaning it has no living vibration. Plants and fruits are living organisms that you actually see die over time when they become overripe, mold, or spoil. Consuming a healthy, living fruit or vegetable is actually putting life into your body. That living vibration entail, raises your vibration on a cellular level, giving you life, and making you feel better overall. You truly are what you eat.

It has been scientifically proven that dairy and soy cause a build-up of mucus in the body. They contain protein molecules called casein that increase the production of mucus. Dairy products also contain lactose, a sugar, that also causes mucus. Mucus is what diseases live off of and what is the root of all discomfort in the body. Inflammation and mucus go hand in hand. You can look at almost every disease and see the root cause is mucus and inflammation in that area.

One of the most important things I have come across and that I would recommend you to do is, find out your blood type and research the foods that support it. Everyone is different, so while a full plant-based nutritional plan may work for some, it may not for others. It is important that you are getting the proper nutrients in whatever direction you choose to go when it comes to your food, so make the choices that serve you best.  

Below are some healthy food swaps you can make:

Easy Food Swaps

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-Blair McLendon, Wellness Life Coach

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